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Freelance Marketers

Acruzen is looking for freelance marketers who will sell their services and products at a fixed commission

Any interested candidate will market Acruzen services on their own terms (time, mode and location) and for every successful client engaged a 30% commission on total income is earned

Any form of marketing is allowed including Whatsapp statuses, direct potential client engagement, posting and sharing on Facebook, blogging or any other preffered modes of marketing


Once an interested customer is engaged, Acruzen's technical team is deployed to finalize on the engament and implement the product or service at hand. For every coin made from this client 30% is paid out to you via payment mode of choice

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What to Market

Acruzen has a wide range of services and products to fit the market place. As a marketer you could choose a single item or multiple services or products


Ecommerce Web App

This is a fully featured ecommerce system for selling business products online. The price ranges from Ksh 75,000 - Ksh 250,000 depending on the complexity

Estimated marketer earnings : Ksh 22,500 - Ksh 75,000


Bulk SMS

Acruzen SMS costs are Ksh 1 / SMS. SMS branding (senderid) fee is Ksh 8500.

Estimated marketer earnings : Ksh 750 for every senderid registered and Ksh 0.1875 for every SMS unit purchased


Mobile Apps

At acruzen, mobile apps development costs ranges between Ksh 75,000 - Ksn 950,000 or more based on complexity

Estimated marketer earnings : Ksh 22,500 - Ksh 285,000

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Acruzen team delivers professional websites for estimated ksh 12,500 - Ksh 75,000

Estimated marketer earnings : Ksh 3,750 - Ksh 22,500


Graphics Design

Logos, Banners, Favicons, Letter Heads, Business Card, Printable T-shit and Caps Designs at Ksh 5000 - Ksn 12,500

Estimated marketer earnings : Ksh 1,500 - Ksh 3,750

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